Physics Lab manuals

  1. (MEASUREMENTS) Making simple measurements: time, length, surface area, volume. Introduction to error analysis.
  2. (MECHANICS) Investigating the motion of an air bubble in liquid.
  3. (MECHANICS) Investigating the motion of a body sliding down an inclined plane.
  4. (ENGINEERING PHYSICS) Determination of the density of solids with regular shapes.
  5. (MECHANICS) Newton’s second law of motion
  6. (ENGINEERING PHYSICS) Investigating the outflow of water from the Mariotte’s bottle.
  7. (THERMAL PHYSICS) Determining the specific latent heat of vaporization of water.
  8. (THERMAL PHYSICS) Investigating Newton’s law of cooling.
  9. (WAVES) Determining the speed of sound in air using Lissjous curves.
  10. (WAVES) Investigating the relationship between period and length for a simple pendulum.
  11. (WAVES) Investigating the oscillations of a mass on a spring.
  12. (ELECTRICITY AND MAGNETISM) Investigating the V-I characteristics of a resistor, a filament lamp and a diode.
  13. (ELECTRICITY AND MAGNETISM) Investigating the relationship between the length of a wire and its resistance.
  14. (ELECTRICITY AND MAGNETISM) Determining the characteristics of an NTC thermistor. Measurement of the energy gap of the semiconductor.
  15. (THERMAL PHYSICS) Verification of Gay-Lussac’s Law.
  16. (ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION) Investigating the discharging process in a capacitor.
  17. (IMAGING) Investigating the relationship between the intensity of a beam of EM radiation and the thickness of an absorber.
  18. (WAVES) Investigating total internal reflection.
  19. (IMAGING) Investigating the thin lens formula.
  20. (ATOMIC, NUCLEAR AND PARTICLE PHYSICS) Plotting BE vs atomic mass curve.
  21. (THERMAL PHYSICS) Verification of Boyle’s Law.
  22. (ELECTRICITY AND MAGNETISM) Investigating the relationship between the current and the magnetic field strength inside a solenoid.
  23. (MECHANICS) Investigating free fall.
  24. (ELECTRICITY AND MAGNETISM) Investigating resistor circuits.
  25. (ENGINEERING PHYSICS) Investigating the condition for rotational equilibrium of a lever.
  26. (ATOMIC, NUCLEAR AND PARTICLE PHYSICS)Investigating radioactive decay