Code of conduct

The LO1 (IB Diploma Course) Academic Honesty policy

  • Academic Honesty policy (pdf)
  • Academic dishonesty is
    • Using someone else’s written work without acknowledging it in writing (This can be from another student, internet, a book, etc)
    • Claiming in writing to have done work which you have not
  • When a teacher agrees that students can work together on an assignment, you must state clearly who you worked with, writing at the top of the work "I worked with X". Word for word copying is never accepted, even when working together (although plans for writing can be the same). So, you CAN work with others, but you must acknowledge it.
  • When working from books or published material (including internet), if you are using specific extracts you must acknowledge in writing in one of these ways
    • Footnote
    • Bibliography
    • Quoting, citing the name of the author (full reference not required)

    All of these ways are acceptable. Be especially careful with the internet, and if you use it for a homework, give the source. If you copy word for word, it is a quote, and you MUST cite it.

  • Any academic dishonesty will be penalised in the following way
    • During the first semester of the pre-IB year: you will be given a written warning
    • During the second semester of the pre-IB year: you will not be allowed to follow the IB course the following September
    • During the IB course: you will be expelled from the course where the plagiarism occured, and not allowed to take the exam for that course.
  • Academic dishonesty is wrong, because it gives you an unfair advantage over others.